Thoughtfully engineered, the folding camp stove proves that great things do come in small packages.
A smart design providing maximum cooking potential
packed in a minimal enclosure.
The Folding Camp Stove. Thoughtfully engineered
Designed for easy set-up, this cleverly engineered design weighs in at just a little over 3.5lbs. The polished stainless heat shield reflects burner heat up and away from the table. A folding handle makes it easy to carry.
Available Spring 2022
  • Model nameFORE WINDS Folding Camp Stove
  • Model numberFW-FS01
  • Product size 〔W×D×H〕
  • In use12.5"/317mm (W)×11.3"/288mm (D)×4.7"/120mm (H)
  • Folded4.4"/111mm (W)×11.2"/285mm (D)×4.5"/114mm (H)
  • Product weight315lbs/1,600g
  • Output (gas consumption)7,800BTU/hr (2.3kW)
  • Burning timeApprox. 108 minutes
  • Pot available to use Should be less than 9.5”/24 cm
  • IgnitionPiezoelectric
  • Unit/case 6
  • Master case size〔W×D×H〕17.1"/435mm (W)×13.1"/333mm (D)×13.1"/333mm (H)
  • Master case weight26.5lb/12kg
  • Butane canister“Iwatani Butane Fuel”
  • Country of originJapan
Folding camp stove
* Heat shield and rubber cap included. Cassette gas sold separately
The heat shield is stored in the bottom of the stove.
The burner fits neatly inside the body of the stove.
Minimal Set up.Extend the legs, set the trivet, and attach the heat shield.
The sleek design features a curved handle for added comfort.
Iwatani 8oz Butane Fuel
(Pack of 4)
  • Product size
  • Product weight0.92lbs/0.42㎏