The power to elevate your culinary outdoor adventures.
This is the camping cook-out reimagined.
Expand the range of your camping cookery
with the full firepower of 282 flame ports.
Enjoy the sleek design, elegantly pared down to essentials.
Functional design thinking that transforms your campground cookery in to culinary art.
Wind resistant top cover and windshield ring shelter 282 flame ports, providing superior cooking performance in the most demanding conditions.
The Luxe Camp Stove accommodates a full 9.5” diameter pot or pan. Available in a sleek black matte finish.
  • Model nameFORE WINDS Luxe Camp Stove
  • Model numberFW-LS01
  • Product size 〔W×D×H〕14.9"/380mm (W) × 12.9"/329mm (D) × 4.3"/110mm (H)
  • In use14.9"/380mm(W) × 12.9"/329mm(D) × 12.8"/324mm(H)
  • Folded14.9"/380mm (W) × 12.9"/329mm (D) × 4.3"/110mm (H)
  • Product weightApprox. 6.17 lbs/2.8 kg (canister not included)
  • Output (gas consumption)12,000 BTU/hr (3.5 kW)
  • Burning timeApprox. 64 minutes
  • Pot available to useShould be less than 9.5”/24 cm.
  • IgnitionPiezoelectric Ignition
  • Unit/case4
  • Master case size〔W×D×H〕27.1"/689mm(W) × 16.5"/418mm(D) × 12.5"/317mm (H)
  • Master case weight32.8lb/14.9kg
  • Butane canister“Iwatani Butane Fuel”
  • Country of originJapan
Luxe Camp Stove
* Butane Gas Sold Separately
Fearless design.
The windshield of the top cover can be used even if it is removed.
28 Stable flames from 2 flame openings.
Pan Support has a robust design that firmly supports the pot.
Iwatani 8oz Butane Fuel
(Pack of 4)
  • Product size
  • Product weight0.92lbs/0.42㎏